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Comment: What other uses for Nivea creme do you know of? /* make the google plus icon show instagram instead! NIVEA Creme is the original moisturiser perfect for the whole family. You can use this soft and gentle Nivea Crème on your sensitive skin and the delicate skin of babies as well. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the other surprising uses of Nivea Crème. } It will keep your skin hydrated and it can reduce dark circles by plumping up. If you have a lipstick or lip gloss whose shade you love, just mix a small amount with some Nivea cream to create a matching tint you can use on your cheeks. Youse Nivea cream to moisturize skin. SHESAID® and the SHE’SAID’ Logo are trademarks of NadiaSaid Pty Ltd, 7 Face Masks You Can Make Tonight With What’s In Your Fridge, I Tried These Hacks To Save Money For A Month, 7 Vaseline Beauty Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind, 17 Life-Changing Ways To Organize Your Makeup This Weekend, The One Unsuspecting Beauty Product You Should Use Year-Round, 7 Genius Hacks For Cinching Winged Eyeliner For People Who Totally Suck At It, 4 Reasons Your Period Is Late That Have Nothing To Do With Pregnancy, 16 Things You Absolutely Need To Know Before You Get Lash Extensions, 23 Wrist Tattoos That Are Prettier Than Bracelets, This Is How You REALLY Determine Your Skin Type, 3 Overnight Hair Hacks To Wake Up With Perfect Waves. Works well even for waterproof makeup! NIVEA Creme is the unmatched moisturiser for every skin type, for children as well as for adults and during all seasons. People all over the world have used these products for decades, but what is the main difference between them? What skin types can NIVEA Soft and NIVEA Creme be used for? From being a hand salve to a lip balm, it truly works wonders for the body, the best part of which its many uses can make it a budget-friendly make-up go-to. There are many brands and forms of topical emollients available and not all are listed on this leaflet. Feb 25, 2020 - Explore Tamilarasi Srikanth's board "Nivea creme uses" on Pinterest. Item Number 80101 (801010860077) The results are VERY revealing. Before using Nivea Cream, inform your doctor about your current list of medications, over the counter products (e.g. ), allergies, pre-existing diseases, and current health conditions (e.g. Just apply a little cream to the cotton pad and it’s ready. The cream will prevent blistering and soothe the pain. Everybody has a certain smell that reminds them of their childhood, whether it’s their mom’s cooking, their dad’s cologne, or a type of flower that blossomed year after year in the family garden. Got some leather shoes that look a bit dull? Every bathroom cabinet has one, its often neglected and overlooked for a pricier product that promises flawless, hydrated skin. For reasons I cannot explain, as I’m not a chemist, Nivea creme works exceptionally well as a leather treatment. Nivea cream works much better than ordinary lipsticks, and you always have it on hand. pregnancy, upcoming surgery, etc. Having maintained it's rich texture and comforting fragrance for over 100 years, the little blue tin brings back childhood memories. Nivea cream is being used for dry lips, cracked heels, dry skin, as an eye cream, and on baby hair. But rather than just believing everything I’ve read about its many alleged magical uses on the interwebs, I put the most popular methods to the test. Genius! .single .AR_1.ob-widget .ob-rec-source, Also, all types of burns will be eased. For reasons I cannot explain, as I’m not a chemist, Nivea creme works exceptionally well as a leather treatment. 1918: The deaths of Oskar Troplowitz and his partner Otto Hanns Mankiewicz resulted in the formation of a formal company on June 1, 1922. The mask is antibacterial thanks to the honey, and deeply hydrating and anti-ageing thanks to the Nivea creme. Ingredients like glycolerin and lanolin are very effective at locking in moisture, however, as I’ve recently learned, the iconic creme can do way more than just keep your skin soft. Capsules with vitamins can be bought at any pharmacy. Dark circles under the eyes sometimes can be difficult to hide. Nivea Creme Uses And Benefits : Protects the skin from against external influences. The cream glides on your skin with ease and builds a protective layer to guard the skin against harmful external influences like heat, cold, humidity, and pollution. Hi there! Nivea Creme Review. Perfectly moisturizes and very quickly makes the skin on the elbows soft again. }. This was probably the most surprising and impressive Nivea hack I tried, as the result was so good, I’ve actually since replaced my store-bought highlighter with this DIY version. It’s also a lot cheaper than many cuticle oils, and also more efficient, as you can do it at the same time you moisturize your body. enable_page_level_ads: true, All rights reserved. You don’t need a special cream if you have Nivea cream. Trying to describe what Nivea smells like is impossible, because, well, it simply is the ‘Nivea smell’ (a quick glance at the ingredients reveals it’s rose and lilly of the valley). Sunburn, rash, irritation, eczema and all other skin problems can be alleviated with Nivea cream. See more ideas about Nivea creme uses, Nivea, Creme. Have a… They are particularly common during and after pregnancy due to the rapid changes in the body. Give them a good polish with the white stuff. Have our best reads delivered straight to your inbox every week by subscribing to our newsletter. Vitamin A eliminates discoloration and calluses. In fact, it’s become so iconic, Nivea released a fragrance in its home country Germany a few years ago which gives you the scent of the creme in the form of an eau de toilette. Nivea cream in the blue tin can also be used as a primer. It worked really well as a cream blush, as well as a lip tint, which also hydrated my pout. /* }); So when Nivea Creme came along, it was a huge deal. The classic, chemical-free, skincare product not only is highly hydrating, but it The emulsifying agent Eucerit is made from lanolin, found in sheep's wool, and is the key to NIVEA Creme's unique properties. */ It's Xy and welcome to my channel!! Please do watch in HD! Another surprisingly easy DIY beauty product is a Nivea sugar lip scrub. Such Ingenious Solutions Are Better Avoided, 30 Ideas for Radical Interior Design Renovations, Only a Few People Dare to Take Such a Change…, 11 Food Trends That Are Likely to Catch on in 2021, 15 Fun Facts From All Over the World to Satisfy Your Thirst for Knowledge. While the product might feel a little too heavy to act as an everyday hand cream, it’s ideal to use as cuticle cream. You can add your own CSS here. It’s a whole lot cheaper than a store-bought face mask, and left my skin glowy and dewy. You can use Nivea cream on a daily basis to keep your skin moisturized and healthy. NIVEA is one of the world's largest skin care brands with over 50 products available in 173 countries around the world. Our iconic and versatile product is enriched with skin related Eucerit®, which provides the skin with all the protective care it needs to stay soft and supple. NIVEA Creme vs NIVEA Soft. Multi-purpose Cream: Other Surprising Uses of Nivea. You can also use NIVEA Creme as a foot cream. - The truth of the matter is, Night Creams, whether they're pricey or cheap, … NIVEA Creme does magic wonders on the skin as a day and bedtime moisturizer. Similar to Vaseline, Nivea has become a staple in most people’s bathroom cabinets; a go-to product whenever you need a good-quality, reliable moisturizer. My childhood smell is Nivea creme. Ideal for daily use wherever the skin needs care, this product is also skin compatibility dermatologically approved. Moisturizes the skin. Our community uses NIVEA Creme to care for their skin in many ways. Nivea cream is a great solution for wrinkles. /* fix OutBrain widget display on post pages*/ We usually use it as a moisturizing cream, and only a few people know this 11 surprising uses. Ever since the creme was created back in 1911, Nivea has become of the most successful cosmetic brands worldwide, selling everything from cremes and lotions to deodorants and even haircare products. We’re talking about Nivea Crème! vitamins, herbal supplements, etc. ).Some health conditions may make you more susceptible to the side-effects of the drug. NIVEA Creme has many uses and can be used all over the face, hands and body for soft, smooth skin anytime Rich cream texture intensively moisturizes, and soothes skin, with every use Dermatologically tested and approved New (5) from $5.39 & FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00. I used a matte gloss for this and really liked the light, sheer texture of the resulting concoction. Use once a week for best results. The Nivea Creme is a classic for a reason. Dry and chapped lips will go into oblivion. .single .AR_1.ob-strip-layout .ob-rec-text { Just add a tablespoon of honey and a spoon of Nivea cream to a small bowl and whisk with a fork until well combined, then apply to your face and leave to sit for 10 minutes before rinsing off with warm water and your everyday cleanser. A lot of people complain about dry skin on elbows. Vitamin E, or “youth vitamin” by adding it to the cream, we can be sure that it will smooth our skin and prevent wrinkles. Nivea doesn’t leave oil marks or stains on leather and does a great job at smoothing out small scrapes and scratches – although it probably depends on the type of leather and I would highly recommend trying it on a discreet spot inside the bag first to ensure it doesn’t leave a trace. Claire used £1 Nivea cream on half her face - and £105 Crème de la Mer on the other. Nivea are sometimes contained in products that also treat acne, chapped lips, diaper rash, cold sores, or other minor skin irritation. If you’re prone to dryness or even painful tears in your cuticles, massaging in some Nivea creme once a day will keep the barrier between nail and skin moisturized and healthy. Its non-greasy and fast absorbing formula makes it a perfect skin care product for men who need hydration and protection against dry skin. Many other creams are also available in the market and people are also buying them. 1911: NIVEA Creme – the first stable water-in-oil emulsion – was introduced. Properly moisturized skin slows down the process of their formation, and wrinkles can be reduced. at April 29, 2019 cosmetics, NIVEA Creme is a daily multipurpose and moisturizing cream that protects your skin and makes it healthy. Wear socks over a layer of moisturising cream to seal overnight. NIVEA MEN CRÈME is marketed as an all-around moisturizer for your face, body, and hands. Reduces dark circles under the eyes. Who knew Nivea could replace all these products? */ Nivea may also be used … … 27 Dazzling Wedding Photos, Which Are Considered to Be One of the Most Beautiful in 2020! It will smoothen out skin surface, blur out pores and also provide a good canvas so that rest of the makeup glides on smoothly without the foundation looking cakey. content: "\f16d"; Contrary to my expectation that the sugar would simply melt into the cream, it actually stayed grainy and provided a perfect lip exfoliation, leaving my kisser soft and plump with the added bonus of a subtle sweetness on my lips afterwards. Nivea cream prevents flaking, nourishes and soothes burns. i Yes my newly married SIL did this.They tried having sex initially which was really painful and then they stupidly tried having sex while using nivea cream as lubricant which caused her really bad irritation. When you put it too fast it will make burn even stronger. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ Burning skin or burns will be eased. 1,290 scientists Our global team of 1,290 scientists is dedicated to continually improving our products and finding new breakthroughs in effective skin care. NIVEA Creme and NIVEA Soft are two of NIVEA’s most popular and revolutionary skin care products. Remember: Put Nivea cream a few hours after the accident. Providing the skin with all it needs to stay pure, fresh and smooth: NIVEA CREME. The most enticing aspect of Nivea Creme is that essentially it’s all-purpose. 16 Most Spectacular Cooking Fails Perfectly Illustrating 2020. Just mix a teaspoon of Nivea with a spoon of sugar, apply to your lips, and gently scrub to remove dead skin. Nivea cream is being used by girls for decades. Using the Nivea Cream will help you in protecting your skin and soothing the dry skin all over your body especially places like the elbows, heels, cuticles and all the body parts that need an extra bout of hydration. I remember seeing the blue tin in our bathroom cupboards – it was always there and never seemed to run out. If you didn’t like that, hard luck. 2021 © handimania.com. Night Cream/Moisturizer. Nivea cream as lubricant. NIVEA Creme and NIVEA Soft are suitable for every skin type for care of the face, body and hands. Now I know that’s because my mom would make sure to buy a new one whenever it was time to scrape the last bit of product from the bottom of the jar. These were the six genius Nivea cream hacks to come out on top…. To create a highly reflective, super dewy highlighter, all you need to do is mix a generous pinch of shimmery eyeshadow powder in your desired highlighter hue (I used a soft gold) with a teaspoon of Nivea creme. The thick consistency fits great to the body and especially dry areas such as knees, elbows and shoulders. Makes skin healthy. Browse through some of the most unique ones they shared with us. Smoothes the skin. Since we have Nivea cream in our bag, we don’t need another hand cream. Alison Steadman, 66, recently said she doesn't use expensive face creams It contains skin-related Eucerit, a unique moisturising ingredient. Nivea Creme is probably the oldest beauty product on the market now – the first batch was made in 1911.. Back then, lanolin was the only cure for dry skin. Find patient medical information for Nivea Creme Topical on WebMD including its uses, side effects and safety, interactions, pictures, warnings and user ratings. 29 Stunning Dresses That Will Introduce Every Woman to the Magical World of Fairy Tales and Uniqueness, 14 Old Suitcases Turned Into Charming Decoration, 23 Examples of Renovations That Will Give You a Headache! This is the usual description you will probably find on most online stores, but does it really deliver what it promises to? max-height: 40px; Nivea creme can benefit most everyone. A Short History Of Nivea Creme. It can also be used to replace foot cream. Nivea Creme Cream Uses. By adding them to the cream we significantly strengthen its action. } You can use the one container for your body, face and hands. NIVEA Creme is a classic, every day, multi-purpose creme which treats damaged and dry skin, leaving it healthy and soft. "> bottom: 25px; .main-wrap .author-info-wrapper .user-info .author-social-links li a.google-plus:before { Swipe the mixture over cheekbones for a moisturizing highlighter that packs a serious punch. Dark circles under the eyes sometimes can be difficult to hide. In this case, Nivea cream works just as well as expensive oils. However, it might not suit women with oily skin type. Have a bag that looks worn-out or even scratched? .single .AR_1.ob-widget .ob-rec-text { 80% of the population get stretch marks! I was a bit apprehensive about this suggested use, as I have quite sensitive skin, but after reading about several women who use Nivea on their face every day and swear it’s better than some high-end face creams, I bit the bullet and gave it a go.

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