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/MediaBox [0 0 612 792] Improve Your Athletic Performance: Plyometric training improves a variety of sports specific skills. <> stream endobj endstream endobj +i�#?G2^'�ؤ�9+��F�(��s&� o��b��{�C&A4F�{������QJ�)/�v �"��;�W�F�tC��+=!�̨� � �8�AlT{51�F�,̍����@T$�ֆ�آe�s �j�\D�(�+U9cm��P�iN,U�g9��[�n͒o�Q��F�GOn�G>���g�A�~jZZ��և�z��B�T���)m阴m-��5�&��-���K�YJ�,/�R�,_�S�oE�j�A��q3Ef�U䇞�����L���dF�2O�����bK��AV��+��2lIe���yD療�j�=�[��ȡ�`�B��UO[|���2,���cU.Lo���"g�eۅUH��qj�r�2��������� ���(]no��4����Hb�y�~��M�����}�hĿP��(P�*,����>m�8ښ��۟�ܿ؄L�&L�Yḷ�B��]Zha��'(f�z����.���]�˵ Ծm�nU!&eC�+����u�S=i8�7��C���c��dF�v���'�� ��=�ޏsO�]��r���˥l�Z�*��})�]Y5Us�Х���4e-����_�dl�L%���;�:-*�[���G?K����宮�C�v�7W�V���4ˋ����e�"P�̍��v��k�@��WR��e�"$[���6�j���"IRh#� /ProcSet [/PDF /Text /ImageB /ImageC /ImageI] x�+T0T0 B�����f����� N � the training program exceeds the abilities of the participants. /ColorSpace <> endstream /Length 5 0 R Where researchers used the experimental method to the nature of research, and the sample consisted of high school students of Relizane province (Algeria). x�+T0T0 B�����f����� N� Like box jumps in the foundational phase, standing vertical jumps are the … stream It results in an increase the overall neural stimulation of the muscle and therefore increase in force output. /Creator endstream d��\���p3�&�c��:�u�u��}�][��L��V���Ԭ��j��������?���H-[�������6���K.��g�O�a�>�؁2��+W J�f�̂�3}Ӭ��ͭR��/�1��&K�'ѫ�T����_ĔG+4|�Yw���=�p�K�. <> << Plyometric exercises are powerful aerobic exercises used to increase your speed, endurance, and strength. endobj : L�S+��xyl޽�ܹ�|h. <> the requirements of the client’s activities and life-style. >> /Subtype /Form >> <> <> When focussing on reactive strength endurance the athlete should perform between 100-120 jumps and between 50-60 jumps if training with maximal effort. endstream Multi Jumps a. 8 0 obj Plyometrics is a type of exercise training that uses speed and force of different movements to build muscle power. Recovery i. Plyometric training, otherwise referred to as ‘plyometrics’ or ‘shock training’, is a training modality which often requires athletes to jump, hop, bound and/or skip. /Subtype /Form Firing frequency helps that muscle fibres are activated faster, which is very important if you are participating in a sport where speed and power is required. *�R؏�b��T�$�Z?����jo�2f��Z��ų=��R5�ॵ&x��'�?Rҩ��YJ� ������l������w����B���D]]�������g��nQ��(�S�e��sU��}g�C�� )�ҥ�ew�'�kw��a+�%����.;h�x����H-��[����N�ӇR��@�nN��3]�-%�Z$ȏ�N�x(�Ozx�C��. stream Full recovery should occur between sets. �"|z���b��l� 3. Coaches and atheltes should fully understand the intended outcomes, point of diminishing return (too heavy of loads negatively impacts perofmrance and increases injury), and the upper limit to training volume used (too much too soon, over programming sets and reps, etc). /CreationDate (D:20060726100226) Athletes from a wide range of sports use plyometric training to help them reach peak physical condition. /Subtype /Form %���� Pike Jump Figure 3. endstream \���˜=p�m�F������v�:Cl��`�LO�u�?�r��d�dRq�'�\.���7q b�� T�s� ��-"^���h��Aa*Y�6�F(G!�3W2������\��Z�S��F�n �e!�aV,�Nٷ�I���=�h��m]D���u�"^5.��Q;�x�iW���5�U�{�*}��җ��3)� �������"� 9��-+�N,"�������54��xh!�*�܀X#|�#�e�����*�-�k}r�]�����2.��R֫l�δ�]�o#��TZ�����$N/�c��TÊ��{X�sC��]lY�g�>_U{F�q����FXŋ-C�9�m�_3�T�Uf �HD(����ߍ�8UmM��:J� endobj ... Plyometric training and speed training should not be considered ends in themselves, but as parts of an . Plyometric training emphasizes a rapid transition from eccentric (net muscle lengthening) to concentric (net muscle shortening) movement (termed the SSC). endstream 1 0 obj x�+T0T0 B�����f����� N� stream The research aims to know the effect of implying plyometric method to improve the upgrading capacity and the digital achievement in the effectiveness of the long jump. stream >> endobj GUIDELINES FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION OF PLYOMETRIC TRAINING Dan A. Pfaff, Louisiana State University Re-printed with permission from the author.

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