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After a severe struggle De la Gardie's party finally prevailed, and its triumph was marked by that general decline of personal and political morality which has given to this regency its unenviable reputation. He was in command of the Boers at the battles of Colenso and Spion Kop, and these victories earned him so great a reputation that on the death of P. J. reputation / examples. His reputation in the parliament of 1880-1886 was that of a dilettante, who allied himself with the three politicians already named from a feeling of irresponsibility rather than of earnest purpose; he was regarded as one who, on the rare occasions when he spoke, was more desirous to impart an academic quality to his speeches than to make any solid contribution to public questions. He had been accused of vanity and ostentation in his office, but his reputation for ability and integrity as a judge was high even with his enemies. They earned the reputation of being the most lawless white inhabitants in the whole of South Africa. How to use reputations in a sentence. Examples of the reputation in a sentence: 1. 2011-02-14 23:53:31 2011-02-14 23:53:31 . One of the printing establishments has the reputation of being the oldest in the Netherlands, and publishes the oldest Dutch paper, De Opragte Haarlemmer Courant. In his new office he made himself a name of world-wide reputation. In 1846 he achieved high reputation by his Life of David Hume, based upon extensive and unused MS. material. She seemed to consider Swedish affairs as far too petty to occupy her full attention; while her unworthy treatment of the great chancellor was mainly due to her jealousy of his extraordinary reputation and to the uneasy conviction that, so long as he was alive, his influence must at least be equal to her own. He was a man of singularly handsome presence, not without mental qualities of a high order; he was devoted to the arts - Beethoven and Mozart enjoyed his patronage and his private orchestra had a European reputation. His earlier papers were mostly concerned with crystallography, and the reputation they gained him led to his appointment as Privatdozent at Konigsberg, where in 1828 he became extraordinary, and in 1829 ordinary, professor of mineralogy and physics. The reputation of Cano, however, rests on a posthumous work, De Locis theologicis (Salamanca, 1562), which stands to-day unrivalled in its own line. a teacher with a reputation for patience Poor customer service has ruined the company's reputation . It was to him, however, like a ground-wire in telegraphy- it carried off the nervous force tingling in him and driving him to impulsive action, while his reputation called for a constant outward urbanity, a philosophical apathy. In later times his regulations enjoyed a high reputation, and were adopted by the monks and nuns of Port Royal. When the troops landed in England, half clothed and half shod, their leader's conduct of the campaign was at first blamed, but his reputation as a general rests solidly upon these facts, that when Napoleon in person, having nearly 300,000 men in Spain, had stretched forth his hand to seize Portugal and Andalusia, Moore with 30,000, forced him to withdraw it, and follow him to Corunna, escaping at the same time from his grasp. He has a reputation for honesty. So early as 1841 his reputation in this department was sufficient to secure for him the government nomination to the newly founded chair of Biblical criticism in the university of Edinburgh. My profile. Simply on the strength of his parliamentary reputation Gladstone was nominated, without his consent, for Manchester, and was placed at the bottom of the poll; but, having been at the same time nominated at Newark, was again returned. In the north, however, the hot lowlands are malarial and unsuited to north European settlement, while the dry, elevated plateaus are celebrated for their healthiness, those of Catamarca having an excellent reputation as a sanatorium for sufferers from pulmonary and bronchial diseases. Hildebrand, now pope as Gregory VII., next summoned him to Rome, and, in a synod held there in 1078, tried once more to obtain a declaration of his orthodoxy by means of a confession of faith drawn up in general terms; but even this strong-minded and strong-willed pontiff was at length forced to yield to the demands of the multitude and its leaders; and in another synod at Rome (1079), finding that he was only endangering his own position and reputation, he turned unexpectedly upon Berengar and commanded him to confess that he had erred in not teaching a change as to substantial reality of the sacramental bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ. A renewal of prosperity began when it acquired a reputation as a watering-place. This video examines #reputation as a #noun with the meaning of "a widespread belief that someone or something has a particular characteristic." Francke's Collegium orientale theologicum, a practical school of biblical and oriental philology then quite unique, and the author of an annotated Hebrew Bible and various exegetical works of reputation, especially the Adnotationes uberiores in hagiographos (1720). When twenty-one years of age he composed a treatise on the figure of the earth, and the reputation which he soon acquired led to his appointment by the king of Sardinia to the professorship of philosophy in the college of Casale. He lectured at Padua, Naples, Rome and Pisa, and won so high a reputation that he was deputed by Leo X. Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Used with verbs: " We have a great reputation in this town. Business Person Trying. 6 a secure web transaction scheme based on mobile agent is proposed . 3. His sermons attracted wide attention in that community, and he gained a considerable reputation as a theologian and a controversialist by his publication in 1814 of a volume entitled Defence of Christianity, written in answer to a work, The Grounds of Christianity Examined (1813), by George Bethune English (1787-1828), an adventurer, who, born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, was in turn a student of law and of theology, an editor of a newspaper, and a soldier of fortune in Egypt. It is also an important banking centre and has several insurance societies of reputation. Here he introduced many improvements in map-making, and gained a scientific reputation which led (in 1751) to his election to the chair of economy and mathematics in the university of Gottingen. The lastnamed work attracted little attention at the time, but now enjoys a great reputation as a new departure in the methods of studying the records of Judaism. He had already acquired a considerable reputation in physiological research. that his voice was uplifted in the Sanhedrin in favour of the disciples of Jesus who were threatened with death, and on this occasion he is designated as a Pharisee and as being "had in reputation among all the people" (vop,o&'wnaXos riµeos 7rav-ri rc i 3 Aaw). He is trying hard to rebuild his reputation. In Henryk Sienkiewicz, the historical novelist, Poland has a modern writer of European reputation. How do you use reputation in a sentence? It has a great reputation as one of the area's best seafood restaurants. The naval school, which has always enjoyed a high reputation among Brazilians, is situated on the island of Enxadas in the bay of Rio de Janeiro. No writer in any literature, who has contented himself with so limited a function, has gained so great a reputation as Terence. 2. Their great wealth enabled them during their exile to enhance their reputation and secure the favour of the Delphian Apollo by rebuilding the temple after its destruction by fire in J48. He soon acquired the reputation of being a good preacher and faithful pastor. Their reputation as raiders is sufficiently shown in the division of the tribe into two clans, the Hazari-khoas or "eaters of a thousand hearths," and the Kapah-chors or "thieves that lurk in the cotton fields.". He has bad reputation of being dishonest. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Lectures delivered by Maine in this capacity were the groundwork of Ancient Law (1861), the book by which his reputation vas made at one stroke. But at Owari the experts were content with an inferior color, and their blue-and-white porcelains never enjoyed a distinguished reputation, though occasionally we find a specimen of great merit. The women of Arles have long enjoyed a reputation for marked beauty, but the distinctive type is fast disappearing owing to their intermarriage with strangers who have immigrated to the town. A reputation takes years and years and years to build, and it takes one press of a button to ruin it. He had a high reputation in the United States navy for practical seamanship. Examples of how to use the word 'reputation' in a sentence. It has many breweries and distilleries, and the spirit known by its name, which is a coarse gin, has a certain reputation throughout Belgium. He is grave, and has the reputation of being extremely just; he favours the people exceedingly, and especially the poor, hearing their suits and seeking to despatch them instantly.". The reputation which he gained from this work won for him the chair of ancient philosophy at the College de France (1838) and a seat at the Academy of Moral and Political Science (1839). 425 is legendary), and acquired a European reputation as a school of jurisprudence under Pepo, the first known teacher at Bologna of Roman law (about 1076), and his successor Irnerius and their followers the glossators. How to use reputation in a sentence. There are over 30 mosques in the town, a dervish monastery, and numerous theological colleges (medresses), and the Moslem inhabitants have a reputation for bigotry. It had a reputation for piracy at various times in its history. It was from this source that he derived the wisdom which enabled him to give to the Cretans the excellent system of laws and governments that earned for him the reputation of being the greatest legislator of antiquity. IElfric no doubt gained some reputation as a scholar at Winchester, for when, in 987, the abbey of Cernel (Cerne Abbas, Dorsetshire) was finished, he was sent by Bishop iElfheah (Alphege), thelwold's successor, at the request of the chief benefactor of the abbey, the ealdorman IEthelmar, to teach the Benedictine monks there. Like a true prince of the Renaissance he favoured men of letters whom he trusted to preserve his reputation to posterity. On the 6th of December 1843 the Conquest of Mexico was published with a success proportionate to a wide reputation won by his previous work. 2. The state or situation of being held in high esteem: feared damage to his reputation. 1369), was one of the first knights of the order of the Garter, and earned a great reputation as a soldier, specially distinguishing himself at the battle of Poitiers in 1356. Examples of the reputation in a sentence: 1. See Factions for more details. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. good reputation in a sentence - Use "good reputation" in a sentence 1. He obtained a great reputation among a certain section and founded a special school, the members of which called themselves Hermagorei. For many years the natives had a reputation as dangerous cannibals, but they are now among the most civilized Melanesians. They have the reputation of being neither industrious nor intelligent. Besides the premiership, Depretis assumed the portfolio of finance; Nicot~a, an ex-Garibaldian of somewhat tarnished reputation, but a man of energetic ~~t~ and conservative temperament, was placed at the ministry of the interior; public works were entrusted to Zanardelli, a Radical doctrinaire of considerable juridical attainments; General Mezzacapo and Signor Brin replaced General Ricotti Magnani and Admiral Saint-B on at the war office and ministry of marine; while to Mancini and Coppino, prominent members of the Left, were allotted the portfolios of justice and public instruction. The attempt was never entirely successful, but its results restored something of the Kaga kilns reputation. Muscat, the capital of the province and the principal port on the coast, is surrounded on three sides by bare, rocky hills, and has the reputation of being the hottest place in [[[Geology: Climate: Fauna]] Arabia. He was so often accused by political purists for associating politically with men of discredited reputation that his own picturesque statement of his conversion to a belief that in legislative or administrative politics one must work with all sorts and conditions of men is illuminating. In 1544 Bonner gave him the living of Solihull; and Feckenham established a reputation as a preacher and a disputant of keen intellect but unvarying charity. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. On the 19th of June Hussein appeared before Kasos, a nest of pirates of evil reputation, which he captured and destroyed. When I saw the chef yelling at his kitchen staff, I knew his reputation for being a bully was well-deserved. During the American Civil War he was consulting surgeon in the Mower Army Hospital, near Philadelphia, and acquired considerable reputation for his operations in cases of gun-shot wounds. 1 2 3. At Cambridge he was president of the Union and acquired a considerable reputation for ability; and when he entered Parliament in 1906, at the age of 27, as Liberal member for the Chesterton division of Cambridgeshire, he was chosen by 1'Ir. (Make it complex) a.He opened the door and asked for my permission to come in. This expriest, this disillusioned Jacobin and skilful spinner of cobweb constitutions, enjoyed for a time the chief reputation in France. 303085 He has a good reputation.CK 1 1025516 Tom has a bad reputation.CK 1 1520386 Tom has a dubious reputation.Spamster 1 2361124 I don't care about my reputation.CK 1 1026719 Tom cares a lot about his reputation.CK 1 899866 Her reputation was hurt a lot by this. Like Malthus, Ricardo owes his reputation very largely to the theory associated with his name, though it has long ceased to be stated precisely in the terms he employed. reputation example sentences. Goluchowski, the brothers Andrew and John Sniadecki, the latter of whom gained a reputation almost European, Bronislaw Trentowski, Karol Liebelt and Joseph Kremer deserve mention. The volatile oils have for centuries been regarded as of value in disorders of the reproductive organs, and the reputation of myrrh in this connexion is simply a survival of this ancient but ill-founded belief. Examples of reputation in a Sentence He has earned a reputation as a first-class playwright. Life Funny Work. This map of Eratosthenes, notwithstanding its many errors, such as the assumed connexion of the Caspian with a northern ocean and the supposition that Carthage, Sicily and Rome lay on the same meridian, enjoyed a high reputation in his day. On the other hand, the book of Deuteronomy has a characteristic social-religious side; its humanity, philanthropy and charity are the distinctive features of its laws, and Josiah's reputation (Jer. Thereafter he spoke constantly, and acquired considerable reputation as an orator, - bringing out, moreover, many books in prose and verse. What does reputation mean? Though countless have paid for me, never has a man risked paying so dearly for my body; his honor, his reputation, his family and even his soul. The conservatory of music at Leipzig enjoys a world-wide reputation; not less the art collections at Dresden. Good Time Reputation. Like Dokhturov he had the reputation of being a man of very limited capacity and information, and like Dokhturov he never made plans of battle but was always found where the situation was most difficult. Jeff Bezos. My father has a good reputation in the society. GRAMMAR A-Z ; SPELLING ; PUNCTUATION ; WRITING TIPS ; USAGE ; EXPLORE . ), whose power of imagination and brilliancy of style, no less than his true representations of Hungarian life and character, have earned for him a European reputation. Examples of reputation in a sentence Because the restaurant has a poor reputation, it has few customers. Formerly Lambert's reputation for accuracy and impartiality was very high, but both qualities have been somewhat discredited. 3. On the racecourse he was successful, and it is another proof of his native thoroughness that he gained a reputation as a handicapper. non-reputation in a sentence - Use "non-reputation" in a sentence 1. ... A bubble which a man bursts when he tries to blow it for himself. Their contents falls far short of the writer's great reputation. Its carpets have a great reputation in the Balkan Peninsula for their quaint designs, durability and freshness of colour. 1514), Hungarian revolutionist, was a Szekler squire and soldier of fortune, who won such a reputation for valour in the Turkish wars that the Hungarian chancellor, Tamas Bakocz, on his return from Rome in 1514 with a papal bull preaching a holy war in Hungary against the Moslems, appointed him to organize and direct the movement. They had the reputation of being excellent soldiers. 264+59 sentence examples: 1. Harrismith has a dry, bracing climate and enjoys a high reputation in South Africa as a health resort. His great reputation led to his being entrusted by the government with several missions; in 1865 he represented Prussia in the conference called at Frankfort to introduce a uniform metric system of weights and measures into Germany. Charles Emmanuel achieved a great reputation as a statesman and warrior, and increased the prestige of Savoy, but he was too shifty and ingenious, and his schemes ended in disaster. Examples of reputation in a sentence: 1. I feel," he wrote, " that such scientific reputation as I might acquire would give more value, more weight, more useful influence to my political sermons.". Answer. vii. How to use reputation in a sentence. Voltaire was not humble enough to be a mere butt, as many of Frederick's led poets were; he was not enough of a gentleman to hold his own place with dignity and discretion; he was constantly jealous both of his equals in age and reputation, such as Maupertuis, and of his juniors and inferiors, such as Baculard D'Arnaud. The Southerners undeniably rested on their laurels, and enabled McClellan, who was now called to the chief military command at Washington, to raise, organize and train the famous Army of the Potomac, which, in defeat and victory, won its reputation as one of the finest armies of modern history. So great was his reputation that when Sir Walter Mildmay founded Emmanuel College in 1584 he chose Chaderton for the first master, and on his expressing some reluctance, declared that if he would not accept the office the foundation should not go on. 4. use "reputation" in a sentence His reputation among his colleagues has been bolstered by his success in the project. He also established a reputation as a preacher, and having been summoned to court, succeeded in vanquishing the native priests and in converting Za-Denghel, the negus, who wrote to the pope and the king of Spain for more missionaries, an act of zeal which involved him in civil war with the Abyssinian priests (who dreaded the influence of Paez) and ultimately cost him his life (Oct. well-earned reputation in a sentence | Sentence examples by Cambridge Dictionary. South Dakota long bore a notorious reputation for the laxity of its divorce laws. degree in 1515 and removed to Cambridge, where Erasmus had helped to establish a reputation for Greek and theology. By the year 89 he had achieved a considerable military reputation. He had the double dignity of having refused the highest prize in his profession for conscience' sake, and of having accepted that dignity without loss of consistency; in his life he acquired a high reputation and the sincere admiration of his fellowmen, as well as an abundant fortune and ample titular distinctions. It was called Sughd, and contained the two great cities of Samarkand and Bokhara, of which the former was generally the seat of government, while the latter had a high reputation as a seat of religion and learning. As patron of the Arts and Crafts Museum (1862-98), and as curator of the Academy of Sciences, he won a high reputation. descending into the political arena, became identified with the doctrines of one political party in the state - doctrines odious to the majority of the nation - and at the same time became associated with acts of violence and injustice, losing at once its influence and its reputation. Lists. GUILLEN DE CASTRO Y BELLVIS (1569-1631), Spanish dramatist, was a Valencian by birth, and early enjoyed a reputation as a man of letters. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Reputational definition: of or pertaining to reputation | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples The endowed schools (Fiirstenschulen) at Meissen and Grimma have long enjoyed a high reputation. His practice extended rapidly in the civil and criminal courts, and he regularly appeared before the general assembly of the Church of Scotland, where his work, though not financially profitable, increased his reputation. ‘The German publishing house Taschen has earned a reputation as a purveyor of upmarket coffee table erotica.’ ‘Tony Kaye earned a reputation for eccentric behaviour during his time as a commercials director in Britain.’ ‘The pursuit of ideas has earned him a reputation for running with them in the studio, for grabbing the moment.’ Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Used with verbs: " We have a great reputation in this town. Examples of how to use the word 'reputation' in a sentence. Synonyms: character, fame, mark… Find the right word. He was an enthusiastic, but a fickle and ambitious demagogue, and he achieved a better reputation as a writer. But Erasmus was even less disposed now than he had been before to barter his reputation for honours. . His reputation as a consistent moderating influence in European policy and one of the chief guarantors of European peace was indeed rudely shaken in October 1908, the year in which he celebrated his ixty years jubilee as emperor, by the issue of the imperial Iscript annexing Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Habsburg ominions, in violation of the terms of the treaty of Berlin. The reputation of Elias Levita and Buxtorf led to this view of Ezra's activity being adopted by other scholars, and so it acquired general currency. Sentence with the word reputation. Popayan is the seat of a bishopric dating from 1547, whose cathedral was built by the Jesuits; and in the days of its prosperity it possessed a university of considerable reputation. Can you give a sentence for reputation? In the south of the Sinaitic peninsula, remains have been found of an elaborate half-Egyptian, half-Semitic cultus (Petrie, Researches in Sinai, xiii. His greatest reputation was won perhaps in crossexamination. The reputation of John Szilasy, John Varga, Fidelius Beely and Francis Ney arose rather from their works bearing on the subject of education than from their contributions to philosophy.

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