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IIRC torches are just lit by default if you drop them on the ground. A post (Renovate your House with console) in the Skyrim Nexus forums has a detailed description of how to use console commands to add light sources and other items in your game. I like to lay them over shiny silver bowls (courtesy of Palace of the Kings). Simple Drop Lit Torches by Snotgurg - posted in Skyrim LE Mods: Simple Drop Lit Torches by Snotgurg Simple Drop Lit Torches gives you simple torch handling through two configurable hotkeys: One for equipping and unequipping a torch from your inventory (plus double tap to drop a torch), and the other to directly drop a lit torch … Any torches dropped on the ground will be lit the next time you pass through. CTD when using Drop Lit Torches [STEP Extended] - posted in General Skyrim Support: Hello everyone. Equip a torch; Drop the remaining 6 torches as well. Anyways, I always try to 100% loot Blackreach, or get reasonably close to it (as in, run through basically every area in the cavern once, and take everything I see; if I miss one or two objects oh well). Oct. 22, 2013, 12:31 p.m. Answer by Neverthere. Then, just drop lit torches all over your house (good thing all houses in Skyrim are fireproof). When you switch from a torch to another weapon/spell/shield the previously equipped torch will be dropped to the floor. Drop Lit Torches: An old but outstanding mod Mod Shoutout I'm using Seasons of Skyrim True HDR ENB with ELFX Hardcore module … Profit. It is only visible to you. Explanation. Unlocked grip & player lighting -torches and lanterns - posted in Skyrim Mod Requests: If youre playing the game with a more realistic approach to lighting, that is underground areas can be pitch black for example, some sort of lighting is an absolutely essential. Auto-Drop Lantern - Both Travel and Torchbug Lanterns. It includes form IDs of objects that you might want to … ... lanterns, unlocked grip, drop lit torches. As a … Not 100% sure though. Whenever I was in the inventory and moused over a torch, my game would instantly CTD. I removed SM Drop Lit Torches, and the problem went away. Place according to taste. candlelight lingers for 60 seconds from time of casting. If you have your lantern in your hand, and you equip a shield via a hotkey, you will automatically drop it to the ground. Torches dropped outside will only be lit at night. I drop torches, leave the cell, and re-enter. torches do take several minutes to burn out, though they are stackable and weigh 0.5 so you can carry a few... plus you can put them away. You can easily stockpile on torches in the jail/dungeon of Dragonsreach. The torches stay lit forever that way. Finally, an explanation for why torches and candles are burning in a 600 year old sealed tomb. Just drop them. I had an issue with the mod SM Drop Lit Torches. They all respawn when you exit/reenter. For some reason for this to work, when you have an equipped torch, it has to let you choose how many torches to drop in order to drop a lit one. For torchbug lanterns, when asked to keep or release your bug, select Keep. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim> Workshop > General Kysieran's Workshop > SM Drop Lit Torches This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. Drop torches, leave the cell, come back, and they will be lit on the floor. (Should be lit, and in a pack of 6 torches) Pick the rest of the unlit torches from the ground. There must be some sort of torch/candle light dedra or something that takes care of this. For travel lanterns, select Lit. Featured in Skyrim GEMS [www.skyrimgems.com] SM Drop Lit Torches Created By the Strategy Master-----This mod allows you to drop lit torches to the ground when you can't spare a hand to hold it.

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