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The distance that the seat travels is usually 60-65 cm. 75 mm in front of the pin. Rigger – metal or composite “arm” attached to the exterior of the boat that holds the oar. Sill of oarlock relative to the water. Seat - facing the proper direction. Oar handle relative to the body at the finish (sweep and sculling) 2. The U shaped plastic rotating piece mounted on the pin, in which the oar sits whilst rowing. The longer the shin, the lower your foot-stretcher should sit in the boat or on the rowing machine. Make sure the wing nuts on the stretchers are only finger tight or you will need a tool. Stretcher. Key Rowing Rig Positions for athletes. Towards the end, he places his feet on the foot stretcher in which he says is the correct position. Then the coach may have an opinion about how much of the drive arc goes before pin versus after. 5) is between 38 and 42 degrees. Ok I’m exaggerating by approximately 999,997. Stretcher angle varies from 36o to 45o. It has also been found that a good position for the height of the foot stretcher (the vertical distance from the seat down to the heel of the foot stretcher, see … Short answer ask your coach. Boat velocity is lowest at the catch, caused by a phase of deceleration when the rower needs to reverse his body’s direction of motion by pushing against the stretcher.This pushing on the stretcher creates a force direct against the boats direction of movement, therefore slowing it down. But you will be surprised about how many ergers and rowers do not set the footplate position correctly on the erg. Stretcher position is measured from the pin to the toes of the shoes and is 50-65 cm. Tap down. This study modified foot-stretcher heights and examined their instantaneous effect on foot forces and rowing … For the same resultant force, raising the height of foot-stretchers on a rowing ergometer theoretically alters the orientation of the resultant force vector in favour of the horizontal component. In this video (between 0:17 - 1:17), the guy talks about the effects of having the foot placed too low and too high in the foot stretcher. Foot Pad – space between the front of the tracks that is the only place you step when entering the boat. It has been found that a good position for the angle of the foot stretcher (see figure . ... - Raise the shoes as high as possible on the foot stretcher so the heels are elevated ! Rowing with one oar per person on one side of the boat. Sweep. in sweep rowing of 25-30 cm. Secured with adjustable screws. The catch is one of the most critical parts of the rowing stroke cycle. This is going to depend on the relative heights of your crew and how much the coach wants to vary lay back to blend the crew. Shoe height relative to seat height 3. A metallic or carbon plate inside the boat to which the shoes are attached. Over 1 Million times a day, people search google for “correct erg footplate position” or “best foot plate on the erg”. Swivel. He also shows where the foot should be in relation to the foot stretcher. “Work through” is the distance from the pin to the end of the slides and is 5-12 cm. Foot stretchers - set to the appropriate position for your height, flexibility and stroke You may need to adjust the foot stretchers after you get into the boat. The stretcher Moving the stretcher backwards or forwards changes the arc of work: and further adjustment can be made by moving the slide rails (the seat rails) to alter the position of the front stops. Your foot stretcher should be set so that everyone has the same finish angle. With sculling the distance should be approx.50 mm. There will be an optimal length to power ratio that you will find, where you can stay in a long position at the catch comfortably without jeapordising power through the stroke Foot Stretcher – adjustable plate to which the shoes are attached, allowing adjustment for length. A good starting point for sweep oars is to have the front stop approx. 1.

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